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Sustainability - New Black For The Brands
As a brand, we feel a duty to educate our audience by encouraging be more responsible for our purchases. To buy only then when there is a need and to buy only quality products.
Characteristics of Waxed Canvas Fabric
The waxed canvas fabric was originally developed by sailors. Scottish North Sea herring fleets began treating flax sailcloth with fish oils and grease in an attempt to waterproof their sails.
Reasons to Choose Roll Top Backpack
Nowadays the market is full of various kinds of offerings - including roll-top backpacks. The main characteristic of the backpack is its functionality. Let's see how roll-top backpacks fulfills it.
Backpack Types Explained

Each bag usually serves its purpose. Long gone are those times, when one bag fits it all. In this article, I will cover six backpack types that should help you to make an educated decision.