mizo backpacks waxed canvas bags about us craftsmanship

Photo: @kristsll

MIZO is a bag crafting workshop that Edgars Biberis founded in 2015 based in Riga.

MIZO is a small community of rural people in the highlight of India. They run simple life, listen to nature, are responsible, and treat everyone with respect. Like we are: responsible not only to the environment we live in but also to the customer we serve.

It all started back in 2015 with the "Positivus Festival," where I sold t-shirts. The festival ended, and so did the t-shirt business. Somehow it evolved into backpacks, and now there is a range of them, crafted in Riga and worn worldwide.

Simplicity, minimalism, and sustainability are the values that drive us every day. We do produce simple products with character.

The inspiration behind our designs? Nature, small adventures, and city. Latvia is a beautiful place to find inspiration.

The success formula is simple. Find what you love and do it restlessly, with the best intentions, and from the true spirit of the heart.


Mizo backpack craftsman


"Thank you for every order. Keeping the MIZO workshop busy is the best feeling in the world." Edgars