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Photo: @kristsll

We are proud northerners. Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world. 53% of our land is covered by forest. It takes only a 30-minute drive from the vibrant capital center to get to the countries and feel the energy of fresh air and nature. MIZO values are tight to the environment we live in and things we believe.


We strive to expand one bag lifecycle as long as possible:

  • Coating - every bag can be rewaxed multiple times, to keep its durability, look and feel
  • Repairs - everything can be repaired, that's why we offer free repairs on every bag
  • Vegan - no one has to suffer to get you a new bag. Our bags are 100% vegan and we are proud of that
  • Circularity - if you feel that you will no longer want to use your bag, we will be happy to take it back and make new products out of it.


We believe that less is more. We strive to choose and use only the best materials, and we do not mix different variations of them. We keep our products monochrome, so you can easily fit them with every outfit. We have chosen low profile colors, so your bag would be timeless.


We are transparent. There are no hidden activities, only love to the process, bags, and nature. We charge a fair price, so we can use the best quality materials and pay our partners a fair labor price.